Paper Training Day 2: no luck yet… found sample paper torn up – again. He doesn’t seem to get the idea…

Glad to see Vegas is getting more comments…

Got this from sis:

Pictures! We want more pictures! =D

I’m workin on it.

Problems: camera drinks batteries like water. Bad lighting. Too lazy to post.

This from anon:

Go Vegas Go!…(NOT! u stupid dog…if u wanna live in a good home u’d better get ur frigging act together!)

That’s right Vegas, if you’re not gonna listen to me, listen to some stranger…

Headin for stag night. Not mine. This will be precedent for the longest daytime lockup Vegas has had. Wifey will bring him for walk tonight – yay!

p.s. Have some pix already. Shall try to post tonight if I’m not too pissed. Engaged PROFESSIONAL to shoot dog tomorrow (it’s not as bad as it sounds lol). WIll have more pix then.