Day Two – Part Deux

Went and bought some some Tea Tree / Eucalyptus Shampoo.. and a chewy bone for him. Damn the bone cost more than the shampoo!

We decided to wash him after his walk – and that we did!! He got away from the loo just as we were drying him out, and sprinkled water all over. Wifey had a conniption fit :-(

Gave him his chewy toy as a treat. Bugger didn’t care for it. Bugger.

Fast forward 2 hours and all the shampoo smell had gone away. Grrrrr. I think wifey’ll bathe him every other day wuahahahaha

Later we sat down and discussed whether we should really keep him. We’re just married and have a new home. Are we prepared to share our lives with Vegas? Keeping a doggie is a 15 year commitment, and that means he’s got 14 years to go.

What’ll we do when we travel? I suppose sis will help to take care of him. Will Pocket kill him? :-)

Are we prepared to deal with taking care of an actual life? No no I know its not a baby. But then again babies need more work…

Can wifey deal with smelly? Maybe I should rename him. “Smelly! Come here!!”

So many questions, and only a few more days to decide… but when you look into his face and see those eyes they go away. *sigh*

Must be objective though… I think I’ll procrastinate and sleep on it.