Paper training experiment started last night.

Locked him up in the bathroom last night before going to bed. I just knew that if he started whining I’d have a conscience attack and let him out. Thankfully he was quiet.

Made him as comfortable as possible (without moving couch to bathroom). Gave newspaper in a corner, water and blanket to sleep on. Oh and blue minty bone.

Waited till 11am before taking him out. Princess was right, he’s used to waiting. The second we got downstairs he unloaded in the lobby. Bugger. Vegas 4, Humans 1

On the way up again, took a small section of newspaper and soaked it in his pee. Brought him back upstairs to the bathroom, and placed it on his fresh newspaper. OK here’s something interesting… If you stand in the bathroom and call him in, he’s unwilling. If you sit down on the floor, he thinks you wanna play and comes right in. Told him that he was to do his business on the fresh paper. He took a sniff at the soaked paper and seemed to understand. Let’s BLOODY hope!

Gave him his food and fresh water in the bathroom as well, and left the gate partly open.

OK here’s the plan. As long as I’m at home he has the run of the place. If I go out, he has to stay in the bathroom. Until at least he proves to me that he will do all his stuff on the paper. When that happens he has the run of the house at all times, and my duty would be to:

1. Provide food and water

2. Change the papers regularly

3. Walk him – whenever

Yay! I’m feeling optimistic. Call me stupid.

This does not mean we’re keeping him – yet. As I mentioned in an earlier post, wifey has veto. And I’m still waiting on that decision. (she tends to procrastinate on such things) *ebil grin*