The first day

Took wifey to see the Princess and Vegas. Mom, sis and Pocket came along coz they were out shopping and we had to go pick em up.

Oh Vegas was cute! Pepper and salt Mini Schnauzer, 11 months old (born March 2004) . Fully grown I suppose…

Princess gave us his stuff, and a week “trial” period to see if we got along.

He didn’t get along too well with Pocket – or were they just playing? Pocket was completely dwarfed by Vegas… quite comical to watch them.

He urinated all over the house, and forced me to lock him up in the loo while I sent the rest of the family home. Marking his space?

When we got home, he was whining and barking. Took him out for a walk – or rather he took us out for a walk. Was starting to smell… must buy some shampoo tomorrow.