Nespresso Coffee


We saw this while touring in Switzerland (i like to say Swizzieland). One of Nestle’s spin-offs – Nespresso.

You have the machine, that works with capsules (which contain the coffee grinds). The machine forces water through the capsules at 19bar (!) and makes a cup of espresso, or lungo. There are 12 blends of coffee to choose from.

Optionally, the shiny milk frother – they call it the aeroccino – whisks and froths and heats (you can tell it not to heat if you want a chilled beverage)

I was skeptical. Nespresso has adopted the “printer business model”, where once you buy the machine, you HAVE TO buy the coffee from them as well. I spoke to G, he said he had one that his missus had bought for him for father’s day. He said it was fantastic, and I was sold.

I like the Arpreggio blend the best – that’s the purple capsule. At $0.91 per capsule, I reckon that if you stayed away from the $5 coffees in the stores, that this would pay itself off pretty quickly.


Its nowhere as good as Sant Eustachio. But that’s just too bloody far away.