2 weeks in the Vibram KSO’s

First off, shouts out to Tellman of www.howtorunbarefoot.com and Tim of www.barfootrunner.net. These were some of the guys I stumbled upon while researching my Vibram purchase.

It’s been 2 weeks since the KSO’s arrived, and I’ve covered just over 20km in them. Every bone, joint, tendon and muscle below my knees are going nuts. It hurts! And I’ve only been walking! Well, ok. I jogged (not run) 1km in them to test them out – 2 days ago. Owww.

Walking still has me landing on my heels. That jars. Landing on the ball of the foot while jogging and enjoying the “springiness” of each step also rewards you with your calves refusing to coorperate the next day.

Yes, I’m whining. Yes, Tim and Tellman are runners. And yes, they’re seasoned barefoot runners. But you’ve got to learn from the best. And given that us humans probably weren’t designed to pound pavement only gives me more respect for them.

And onward I push. Short walks and jogs only. And out and about town. I promise.