Naga Food: Smoked Beef Chutney

I’m tagging this under “Travels” because I don’t have too many posts about food (update: not anymore!!). Granted I’m somewhat of a foodie, but don’t often find something i go FWOAH! about…

Well now I have. Thanks to M, some chutney from Nagaland!

Smoked Beef Chutney from NagalandIt’s made of shredded smoked beef, (probably) Jolokia chilli peppers, bamboo shoot juice and “lotha” – some secret Naga ingredient which I can only assume is star-dust because it makes your mouth tingle.

Imagine. The smell, taste and texture of beef jerky, infused with the juices of bamboo shoot and the musty taste of the world’s hottest chilli pepper. And stardust.

I got a little jar. M tells me it’ll keep for ages. Not with me, I don’t think so!

And.. did I say FWOAH!

As a side note, Wikipedia says Jolokias are also “used as a cure for stomach ailments”. Right.