Wii Fit Plus Roadshow @ Plaza Singapura

Came across Wii’s newest product at their roadshow – the Wii Fit Plus. A board you stand on that’s connected to the Nintendo Wii.

Amazing little thing. The board is loaded with loadcells and the like. It’ll tell your weight (duh), how much you are leaning to the side or front. Give it some additional information like your gender, age and height, it’ll tell your BMI and even calculate how many calories you burn while playing it. It can also make you do some balance test, and tell your “Wii Fit Age”, which is how old the machine thinks you are based on your performance.

A giant man pretending to be a giant flying chicken

A giant man pretending to be a giant flying chicken

And from the picture above, the device can detect the subtle diffferences in weight, balance and pressure and let you pretend you’re giant flying chicken! Think about it, this isn’t rocket science. Every single bit of technology in it has been available for years – and now Nintendo has gone and commercialised it and built an amazing HMI around it.

There are other games too, like Yoga, step aerobics, virtual Segway to name a few..

Interesting. I played with the Wii when it was first launched and had the same feeling. Existing technology built around the consumer. I wasn’t so impressed with the user interface back then but it’s apparent things have come a long way.

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