Adventures in KL

Travelling to KL for work, I still found my share of foodie (and non-foodie) adventures.

Found time for another Coney Dog Meal from A&W… consumed in the comfort of my hotel room. Explains why the Root Beer Float looks a bit dead.

On the way to Malacca the next morning, there was this grok-grok sound coming from the back of the car. I thought it was recent accident damage that caused the wheel bearing to go. Halfway to Malacca, we got a call and had to stop at a rest stop to run some errands (send a few SMS’s). The sound got louder, and as we stopped, we found this…

Apparently, the mechanics only replaced 1 out of 5 wheel nuts after repair. That one nut had worked itself halfway out, and the thread inside had been stripped… We were going down the road at more than 100km/h in this condition. If we hadn’t stopped, we would have had another Final Destination moment; the wheel would have flown off, throwing the car off balance to the left, and we would have careened at highway speeds into the nearest safety barrier or ditch, or whatever. Datuk saved our lives.

We tried to salvage the situation by taking a nut from each of the 3 wheels and putting them in the left rear. The jack that came in the car was rusted badly and wouldn’t work. We were about to call for help when a road side mechanic showed up and helped us effect the field repair. We made it to the meeting on time.

Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls

After our meeting, we were treated to lunch at the 2nd best chicken rice shop in the whole world. Hainanese chicken rice balls at Taman Melaka Baru (google maps says Jalan Melaka Baru). Opposite the Public Bank (or EON bank, or something). No pictures though, sorry.

Cheap no less. 3 of us, 2 plates of 6(?) chicken rice balls each, 2 plates of chopped up chicken (it must have been a whole bird) and 3 cups of warm chinese tea. MYR17.

I called our contact in Malacca and scoured the net for information. Its only referenced here in the comments. Apparently, the tourists go to Malacca and visit Hoe Kee or Chung Wah for their chicken rice balls. The locals have it here in Jalan Melaka Baru.

You douse the rice balls in dark thick soya sauce and chilli sauce, fork it and chuck it in your mouth. The chicken comes in via the next fork. The rice balls aren’t too large and will fit in a single mouthful, the sauces are delicious, not too spicy – I could have done with a little more spice. And the chicken was tender. A cheap AND good feed.

The world’s BEST chicken rice, in my opinion, is no longer open. This auntie used to sell Boneless Hainanese Chicken Rice in Lorong Mambong, Holland Village. I grew up on the stuff. Last I heard she’s retired, but still reigns supreme in the chicken rice department. My favourite food in the whole world.

Update 02 June 2010

When asked to drive up to do another prezzie, I jumped at the chance….

The place is Restoran Huang Chang Chicken Rice @ BB-376, Taman Melaka Baru, Batu Berendam, 75350, Melaka. And for the GPS inclined (map un-inclined)…

N 02° 14.343″
E 102° 14.493″

Almost worth the drive...

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