Aitor El Montero

This is an Aitor El Montero hunting knife made by the now defunct Aitor, a Spanish company from the late 80’s. The X42 steel full tang blade (INOX 46 CR13) is black and the handle and scabbard are polymide with camoflage pattern.

The one shown in this link is the ceremonial version, and has differences in the serration pattern.

The reason why I’m writing about this now is… I was OBSESSED last week with what the buckles were called. I googled and googled. Tang, tongue, tactical, military, buckle, clasp, fastener, and all combinations in between.

Finally the answer was found; a military type pouch sold on Amazon had the same buckle. I should have known. Spanish company, Spanish buckle.

I’m an idiot.

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  1. Jo

    Aitor from Spain is not a defunct manufacturer – still producing knives and employing its own staff in Spain, just as it always did. The model you show is no longer made, but the firm still exists. You will find Aitor under the umbrella of Pielco Group.

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