Blast from the past: Floppy Disks

For those of you too young to know/remember, these are 3½ high density 1.44MB floppy disks

1.44MB!! Wow you couldn’t even fit a decent mp3 in there!

… and this is me destroying a whole bunch of them. Why? Cuz I no longer own a floppy drive, this stuff hasn’t been used in years, and because I can.

First you pull off the spring-loaded sliding shutter. Be careful. The spring may fly out, which could hit you in your eye, you could step on it, or prick yourself with it. All 3 experiences are painful (personal experience).

Then you pry open the hard plastic housing, revealing the magnetic disc. You then separate the hub from the disk, and using a pair of scissors, cut up the disk. Or use a magnet (possibly from a dismantled hard drive) on it.

Voila. Utterly destroyed. All parts can be recycled. Be environmentally conscious!

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