Ghetto Wrist Strap for DSLR

Travelling for us has always been with the IXUS, or brother-in-law’s 350D (when he could spare it). After several trips and loads of missed photo-ops later (especially in bad lighting), we’d decided to splash for a DSLR.

Got the Canon 500D second-hand thru the forums over the weekend. This dude had it 6 months, and 3108 shots later was itching to upgrade to the 7D. The body was in good shape, and so we struck a deal. I wandered around for half a day lens-less, until my brother in law dropped by with a 18-55mm kit lens, and a loaner 50-200mm. And a battery grip. Oh the generosity!

Getting the camera is half the fun. The other half, are the toys…

I hate neck straps.. they get in your way, tangle, and generally feel uncomfortable. Plus you look like a tourist. Even in your own land. I’d always take the neck strap and wrap it around my wrist. That has its own share of problems, including the far side of the strap blocking the buttons or the screen. Blah.

Enter V1 of the ghetto wrist strap. Made out of 1.5″ webbing with a paracord loop sewn in. NOT full of features… doesn’t even include a quick release like most wrist straps. Still trying to find a buckle I think I can trust. I tied a figure eight on a bight inside for a bit of security, and it’s flatter than a doubled-up overhand knot.

This is sewing practice… let’s see when I got time to come up with V2…

Sorry for the bad shots… the iPhone camera… yikes.

Update: Version launched here

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