Green Spring Cleaning

So the Spring Festival is coming – we call it Lunar New Year. And part of the tradition is spring cleaning.

Our new best friends:

About $4 for the vinegar and $5 for the baking soda

And I’m not sure about you, I think… nah, these is stuff meant for cooking, not for cleaning! This sexily packaged product in a bottle says it’ll do this and that, without scrubbing. I’ll be out on the couch chugging a beer in no time! Vinegar will stink up my home, and baking soda is an antacid. What’s the use in that?!

In the last 2 weeks, I’ve heard from 3 people who either swear by them, or have heard of this. So I did a little research.

There are plenty of sites out there that extol the concept of green cleaning products. Here and here are some examples.

Also, I’ve never seen, and didn’t know vinegar came in a 5l bottle, nor Sodium Bicarbonate coming in a 4lb box. So when I saw the vinegar at “SingSong”, and the bicarb at “AuntieLucy”, we snapped them up.

Uber, Uber, Uberwootness.

Sodium Bicarbonate is odourless, and an all-round fantastic degreaser, descaler, deodoriser, abrasive (when dry or in a paste). Not too good on glass though, in which case you use vinegar, which is also good degreaser and descaler.

And if you get bored, you combine the 2 and get a nice fizzing effect, and a great drain cleaner.

So far, we’ve done the bathroom and mirrors, the taps look chromed like the day we moved in, the stove, countertop, microwave and sink.

All in all, a good weekend’s work!

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