iOS 4.0.1 iPhone 3G Rejuvenation

Because of Apple’s very strict regulation of news, I bought an iPhone 3G a couple of weeks before the 3GS was launched. No matter, it was more than a phone, it was virtually a computer you could put in your pocket.

Sure I had my list of complaints. It was slow – well, it used “older” hardware for the newer software updates; perhaps it was the mobile broadband, or the phone, or a combination of both. The good and useful software, by and large weren’t free. A jailbreak helped.

After only 1 year, the home button started to become difficult to activate, and soon would only work if muscled. I was convinced that lint had gotten into the phone and was causing the problem.

Then the iPhone 4 (and the iOS 4) was launched. Woe betide the day. According to the literature, iOS 4, if installed on an iPhone 3G, would not enable multitasking, nor other processor heavy stuff – like wallpapers.

Somehow, I got all the features. The iPhone became completely retarded between difficult home button presses and the hardware choking on software.

I had by now, pre-ordered an iPhone 4; but something had to be done about the paperweight. Decided to pay a visit to an “aftermarket” service shop to have my home button looked at. Paid to get that replaced. By the way, the iPhone seems to be relatively sealed against dust and there was hardly any in the phone or where the button was.

The tech was marvelling at how I managed a month without throwing either myself or the phone off a building. He also recommended iOS 4.0.1, which I installed, and this time without jailbreaking.

I’m now the happy owner of an old/new iPhone 3G with iOS 4.0.1 installed, sans the multitasking crap – and patiently awaiting the arrival of my new 4.

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