Jamie’s Italian in Bath

Whilst planning a trip to England, we decided that we must visit one of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants, if not in London, then in Bath.

Finding the Milsom Place restaurant was easy. The service was courteous and prompt; the staff was young; the food…. nothing to write home about. Not cheap either, even with the declining pound.

Rare steak arrived medium well, and the linguine had clumps in it. The ingredients however were fresh.

It must be said then, that through Jamie’s phenomenal branding efforts, his final goal has been achieved. As one who has watched countless of his cooking shows, drumming in the message over and over again that you could (with little effort, and even as an amatuer) cook half decent meals in your own kitchen without having to resort to fast foods or the supermarket packed variety.

So yes, I think I can do similar…

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