Rallitek Endlinks

The endlinks for my Subie GH7 arrived. Woot! The rear ones with the blue polyurethane bushings look particularly beefy.

Not so sure about the fronts though. You can see from the pic that one of them has a hair still stuck in it from the plant – and it says Made in Taiwan.

Can’t wait to get them installed. I’m not upgrading the swaybars at the moment. From the reviews I’ve read, the endlinks play the majority role in roll-control. Will update here.


Installed! I can’t tell if the front is doing anything different, but the rears are another matter.

Compare the soft skinny rubber bushing to the chunky polyurethane one. The rubber one moves around when I force it with my hands. I don’t even try with the Rallitek unit.

The difference is slight, but noticeable. When I hit a pothole on 1 rear wheel, the other one reacts a little – slight loss in suspension independance. Making turns, the car feels flatter – I don’t feel like I’m pushed against the sides of the seat.

1st impressions, the car is more well behaved. I haven’t done any crazy driving yet, but I sense good things.

Will update here.

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