Review of the “New Sentosa”

Made a trip to visit Resorts World Sentosa today, it being a public holiday and all. We decided that the parking rates there were too rich for us, and we’d leg it like tourists…

There were no signs in VivoCity pointing us towards the Sentosa Express; we asked the information counters – twice. And once we got to Lobby L, Level 3, we were greeted with this scene.

Sentosa beckons but first you have to find your way

There were no signage saying that if you owned a CEPAS Transitlink card, you could just go to the gantry and tap your card. Otherwise you could pay cash at a counter; and if you wanted to experience all Sentosa had to offer, you’d buy a package of something at this other kiosk…

We decided to hop a cordon and head for the Transitlink gantries; but were stopped by a staffer who told us we had to buy tickets. Going to the ticket counter, another staffer told us she would only accept exact change.

When I asked if we could just use our Transitlink cards, she blinked in surprise and pointed us towards the gantries…

Lining up for the trains, there were no clear signs telling you which station to stop at for a particular attraction. You found that information out INSIDE the train, after you’d finished sardining into it and sniffing at every other smelly armpit you were beside – in the form of a voice announcement.

At Resorts World (that’s at the Waterfront Station), we wandered around, had lunch and wandered some more. Yes, too cheap to pay the Casino Levy, so probably missed out on a lot inside the gaming areas.

The shops look relatively high-end, but seemed a little small compared to the large wide-open spaces there seemed to be at Festive Walk.

Places we missed included Universal Studios… because tix were sold out. I think we’ll come back after the glitch on Battlestar Galactica is fixed. It has been closed since 26 March. That’s *some* glitch.

On the way back, we took the Sentosa Express all the way through to the Beach Station, and back to Vivocity.

Sentosa, if you’re reading this, come on, it’s just some signs you have to put up. Put yourself in the shoes of a tourist, or an un-updated local.. what would you be looking out for? This way to buy tickets, this way to use your CEPAS cards. Waterfront station serves these attractions, Imbiah station for these attractions etc etc.

I give credit to your young team being helpful, they even wave at the Sentosa Express trains when they come in and depart each station. Signs will never replace the human capital; but they will sure make life easier for both them and your visitors.

I miss the Sentosa Monorail. It had 7 stations, was one way, and painfully slow; but it reminds me of the days when life wasn’t quite so hectic and when Sentosa was just a tourist attraction, and not a MEGA tourist attraction….

Haha.. Just saw the Wiki page for Sentosa and the joke that the name stood for “So Expensive and Nothing TO See Also”

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