SAN Laksa Steamboat

It’s such a weird idea, but it makes complete sense. I wonder why we’d not tried it sooner… Bleu told me about this last year, but there you go – inertia.

According to a popular local eating website, the branch at Telok Blangah was getting crowded and as a result, the quality of service/food/both had fallen. The Commonwealth branch opened about a month ago. Being a rainy Friday night it seemed like the right time to visit, despite the growly tummy ache I was having.

The place is HUGE! … and there weren’t that many people, and parking was easy. Hopefully some of the crowd will migrate from the other branch – so this one can stay open…

The laksa gravy wasn’t fantastic, but was tasty enough. The chicken soup base went largely unused, except for cooking veges…. My favourite concoction? Rice with laksa gravy ala mui-fan, with cockles, pork and fish paste. And a sprinkling of curry leaves.

Damage was $33 for wifey and me. Complaints? They didn’t offer us any chilli (you know the laksa chilli), and we only found out when paying the bill.

Piping hot laksa steamboat on a rainy night. What more can you ask?

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