Spring Cleaning Part Two

Skipped a week, and back to spring cleaning over last weekend. Some friends and family recently invested into these really expensive water-trap vacuum cleaners sold by direct marketing firms.

We managed to snag a loan from an aunt, because we’re too cheap to buy a 4-figure household cleaning appliance.

The Delphin Gold Series, not shown with all the bells and whistles

The mattress cleaning attachment was an interesting device – you have to power the head with leads built into the hose. The attachment has rollers with brushes on it that turn at high speed, brushing dirt into the vacuum.

Our newly vacuumed bed

Wet dust doesn’t fly.

Holy crap! The dirt from the bed and the bedframe....

One thing I liked about this: it seems pretty well made. Look at the brush attachment below – its made of rubber not plastic, so you can bang it around. It also seems to have real horse (?) hair for bristles, it doesn’t scratch and fairly effectively removed dust from my several keyboards. The handle is relatively heavy and if you’re doing a bit of dusting at high level, you could get some sore shoulders.

The brush attachment

The Delphin is not louder than your average vacuum cleaner, and it does seem like a decent machine – except for its price, and the horrible reviews it got about the hard-sell and the after sales service….

I’m still not entirely convinced – I woke up the next morning still sneezing kittens. In any case, borrowing from kin saves us having to own our own, with all the benefits. ;-)

If you’re reading auntie, thanks!!

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