Steak…. mmmmm

Catastrophe! Culina on Bukit Timah is no longer open! Thankfully they sold wild rocket at “AuntieLucy” nearby… Relatively fresh to boot too, I must say.

We also bought a bag of small onions. All of which were washed, peeled, and thinly sliced – thanks wifey!

The beginnings of balsamic dressing

Into the pot with about a cup of olive oil, slowly cooked until it looked like onion confit and followed by a cup of balsamic vinegar. Sugar to taste if needed, but in this case, hardly at all.

Then… Black Angus Tenderloin, 3/4″ thick, cooked 2 minutes per side on high. Note to self: next time 1.5 minutes for medium rare.

Steak resting in the foreground while the salad and mash look on...

Next change: Rocket and Pear Salad…. sounds good too!

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