The End of 8 Seasons of 24

The series finale of 24 just aired today.

If Jack Bauer were real, he would possibly be the most unlucky man on earth. Over 14 years (in plot time), he had a major hand in averting 8 international (some nuclear) crises – all within 24 hours. In that 24 hours, not a single toilet break, never had a meal. Granted this season, he spent the first couple of minutes snoozing, and he took time out to have a root with Renee. How do you do it Jack?

Special Forces, SWAT, CIA Agent, CTU Agent, all round badass

Breaks a neck

Tortured, then kills his tormentors


Double Owww

A former President craps his pants

Jack Bauer revealed as Snake Eyes

(That’s a Matrix Cactus Hobby Custom Full Face Airsoft Army Mask)

Shot and stabbed countless times, 266 on screen kills, a wife and 2 girlfriends killed, 5 presidents, kidnapped by foreign governments and infected by bioweapons. And now he’s on the run again.

Here’s to Jack Bauer.

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