Wisdom: Hers and Mine

Oh gross!!

She had her wisdom teeth extracted in about 1994. I asked for, and received them (as a souvenir) wrapped in gauze and in a little baggie. I didn’t know she was gonna marry me 10 years on. It was the 1st *full* set of wisdom teeth I’d laid my eyes on. It was all broken up, but it was still a full set.

I had my left-upper tooth extracted 2 years prior to hers, and that was in a also in a baggie somewhere. About 6 years ago, the rest of my teeth started to bother me, and I had those extracted. Great, 2 full sets. We were now married.

I had all the teeth washed and sun dried (separately) – and hobby glued on a small Ikea picture frame. This was about 5 years ago (you can see the aging on the frame), and it has pride of place in our living room.

Happy birthday wifey!

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