Wrist Strap for DSLR V2

So this was V1. These are Version 2.

3 variations this time...

Bottom is the V2 wrist strap, achieved without sewing, using 3/4″ webbing this time. The 1.5″ webbing used to stick a little at the joints when i put it on or off. The sewing in V1, while not a disaster, was something I wasn’t particularly pround of… This is lower profile, and I’m sure just as strong.

Middle is an across-the-chest slidey strap like the Black Rapid and the Luma Loop. 1″ straps, buckles, a shoulder pad scavenged from a notebook bag. No sewing.

The thing about these across the chest straps is that it won’t work with a load at the end of it. If you retrofitted this “slidey” arrangement on say a small camera bag, you would end up “lifting” the bag whenever you used the camera. These loop slings have a place, but I notice that you’re almost always not carrying anything else for example in the demo videos…

Top is the pièce de résistance. A similar arrangement to the loop style slidey sling, but adapted to my Timbuk2 messenger. Lets me carry my crap. The camera is slung at navel level, in front of me. Still no need for a neck strap.

iPhone Camera - eek

The wrist strap has a second buckle i can use to attach to either the sling, or the bag. Buckles used are from ITW Nexus.

A few new things learnt in this project were some really useful climbing knots.

Dual Prusiks...

...to be followed by Double Fishermans

Oww heavy

This is low-tech weight testing of the paracord and buckles with a doorknob and my fully loaded Timbuk2 bag (Notebook, power, etc).

Some self-shots against a (dirty) mirror in the closet….

Hope you’ll have as much fun DIY-ing this as I have. I look forward to comments on how I can do V3….

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