An army marches on its stomach

Had a project on the verge of going sideways this past week. Visited the site to soothe ruffled feathers, and saw that my team was exhausted. I could only think of one thing to do. That night, I paid a visit to Maccers and had this conversation.

Welcome to McDonald’s!
Hi can I have 30 McChickens please?
Meal? Upsize?
No just the burger.
Ok, just one?
Thirty. *puts 3 fingers up*
Ok. Just three?
Thirty. *puts 3 fingers up followed by a zero*

Something about having food in your tummy while working your arse off at 11pm. Morale the next day was visibly improved.

Update November 2011:
The project was completed successfully, and Phase 2 has started.

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