Baby transportation

The staff at the hospital found it weird that I wanted to take our newborn home in a bassinet. It was a Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix hand-me-down that we were grateful to accept.

Apparently most parents take their newborns home in arms; I understand that hospitals in some countries won’t discharge the child until they are satisfied that adequate transportation arrangements have been made.

We’ve been driving Timmy about in the bassinet. When we got to our destination, we’d either hand-carry the Cabriofix, in a BabyBjörn carrier (also hand-me-down), or in arms. He’s getting a bit heavier now, and its proving more difficult to get away without a pushchair of some sort.

The requirements were simple. While Timmy won’t yet fit into a child seat, the Cabriofix would have to fit onto the pushchair. Once he’d fit into a proper child-seat, we’d have to purchase one anyway – I would like to be able to continue to use the pushchair for as long as required. It couldn’t be one of those heavy duty strollers with wheels rivaling the ones on the car. The boot is small enough on the Impreza. It couldn’t cost the GDP of a small country.

The 1st requirement meant only a handful of pushchairs could fit the bill. Something from Quinny, Bugaboo, or Maxi-Cosi.

We settled on a Quinny Zapp with a black seat. Yes I’m boring (newsflash!). Although the Zapp Xtra had a reclining seat and promised to be more comfy, the seat frame would not fold. If we changed our minds, the Xtra seat could be purchased separately.

So here it is as it currently stands. Timmy seems happy enough in it.

The Zapp is maneuverable enough, deploys and folds OK, seems relatively stout and would hopefully last a good amount of time. Some reviews online said not to hang stuff on the handles as there have been reports of it toppling backwards.

We’re still grappling with the width of the stroller. We sometimes would have accidents with the side wheels not clearing an obstacle. We’re still figuring out how to do escalators without feeling nervous.

Edit 9 August 2012

3 months ago, Timmy outgrew the bassinet…. so we ditched that and put the fabric seat of the Zapp on.

Whenever Timmy fell asleep, his head would flop forward precariously. Got a deal at the baby fair for the Zapp Xtra seat, so we picked it up.

Yes, it would have been cheaper to buy the Zapp Xtra in the first place… so lessons learnt.

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