DIY Bellyphones – In-utero Music

A lot has been said about exposing unborn babies to music in utero, and I shan’t add to it. But for those too cheap (like me) to cough up several tens of dollars on Amazon (before shipping), or upwards of several hundred bucks to buy locally, this might be a solution.

As far as I can tell, there are 2 types of bellyphones in market. The ones that stick to you belly via some kind of replaceable adhesive ring, and the pouch type system. In most cases, manufacturers recommend playing soothing music below 65db (95db is the womb’s continuous maternal bloodpulse sound level), and for not more than an hour a day.

Step 1: Get a travel money pouch – one that’s designed to be hidden under clothing.
Step 2: Remove the headband from a set of headphones you have lying around
Step 3: Shove it into the pocket closer to the body.
Step 4: If you have an iPod, limit the volume of the music to a level that resembles normal conversation.
Step 5: Get a splitter so mommy can listen too.

The idea here is that when Mom gets soothed by the music and her body-chemistry changes, the baby also listening to the music senses this. This association *may* work to calm the baby when he is finicky after he comes out.

The same and usual caveats apply. I’m sharing my way of doing things, I take no responsibility if it doesn’t work for you, or if you bugger it up. The opposite also applies, if your child becomes a Nobel Prize winner as a result of this, I take no claim either. Blah blah blah.

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