Edwin Jagger DE Razor

The Edwin Jagger DE89LBL arrived from Amazon. It came with a pack of 5 Derby razors. The quality on this is amazing. The Edwin Jagger is built from huge hunks of steel and weighs in at 62g. The Shogun I got is made of stamped metal, came chock full of burrs, and started to rust after one shave. At 20 times the cost of what I paid for the Shogun, the EJ razor is at least 20 times as good.

Check out that chrome.

My head shaving routine is settling down now. Soak the brush and razor in hot water, get a nice hot shower, rub the tub of Proraso with the brush then directly lather on my head. Three passes; a new layer of lather each time. Always with (WTG) or across (XTG) the grain, never against (ATG) – I’m leaving that for later. Rinse off with cold water, then toner for aftershave.

The first shave took some getting used to. The razor head is a lot heavier than the Shogun, and also more forgiving. I had to pay attention to angles and to make sure I didn’t apply any pressure. One concern I had was that the handle may be slippery. Nope, not at all.

Results were fantastic! Clean shave, no cuts. Best of all, no stinging when the toner hit my head.

It’s either the razor, or the Derby blades. I’m gonna give this Derby a couple more runs, then rotate what blades I have on this. By then, I should more or less know which blade suits me.

More updates to come!

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