New Semogue arrivals

The online forums speak of RAD or Razor Acquisition Disorder. I’ve since learned there’s also SAD (Soap Acquisition Disorder) and BAD (Brush Acquisition Disorder). While I’ve (for now) stayed away from RAD, I’m sorry to say I have a little bit of BAD and SAD.

I decided I wanted to try boar brushes. As far as these go, the forums say that Semogue is highly regarded. I also wanted to try a silvertip badger brush, so 2 birds brushes with 1 stone credit card.

The 620 boar, and 730HD “silvertip” badger. New and unwashed, both felt smooth on the skin, the silvertip felt super luxurious.

Since the boar is dyed to look like badger, I read that you had to wash it and do a test lather before using it. Soaked in warm water, no dye running – good sign. Then a test lather with Col Conks – I don’t quite like the smell. Fwoah! A lot of lather! Shake and stand to dry.

The badger smelled like dead animal (the Tweezerman also did when I first got it), so it went thru the same treatment.

After some use, I have to say I love them both. The boar is breaking in nicely, and the badger feels even more luxurious now than new. Bristle loss has been minimal. They say its good to have at least 2 brushes so you give the preceding one time to dry. I love excuses!

As for the SAD, I’m going try some Mama Bears. I’ve made a list, checked it twice, and excitedly showed wifey what she could get me for Christmas. Yay!

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