Retired: Pirelli P7 tires

The Yokohama ASPEC dB tires that came with my GH7 were complete rubbish. The car salesman touted them as Made-in-Japan and superior. I knew the sales guy was full of crap when he said that flat-four engines were “smooth”. I’ve had these Yokohama’s on 2 previous rides – I call them professional street drifting tires.

I ran them for a month, and one rainy Saturday afternoon aquaplaned for 20m on my way home. No brakes, no steering, no acceleration. I visited the shops the next working day. The tires I wanted (can’t remember which) weren’t in stock. The sales guy recommended the Pirelli P7’s. Hey they were Pirelli’s how bad could they be? Turned out – not bad. The grip wasn’t phenomenal wet or dry, but the car cruised comfortably, were reasonably quiet, and took my manhandling in its stride – squealing when they had to, stepping out ever so slightly when I do something stupid.

Two and a half years on, barely 40k km’s… they were due for a change. Hankook had a great offer on for 31% off. It also happened that I was on leave that day, and had a flat.

I chose the Hankook Ventus V12 EVO’s in 205/55R16 over the newer Ventus S1 EVO, not because they were cheaper, but because I’d already made up my mind on these. Initial impressions (I’m still scrubbing them in) are that they are very confident. I’ve done some wet weather driving so far, and the aquaplaning resistance is very good – there’s water splashing everywhere and the steering wheel doesn’t have the sudden lightness to it.

I’ve heard they get noisy after a couple of thousand KM’s, fingers crossed!

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