Tai Lok Claypot Chicken Rice

This is a really un-glamorous pic; but hey, this is how I like my claypot rice.

Rice cooked in a claypot with chicken, two types of chinese sausage, salted fish. Doused in dark soya sauce. And the chilli sauce – don’t get me started.

Eat it while you can! Margaret Drive Food Centre is closing for good in February and nobody knows where they’re off to.

Will this mark the end of authentic claypot chicken rice?

3 thoughts on “Tai Lok Claypot Chicken Rice

  1. Hwmsgh

    Phew! False alarm. Seems they were soo busy THT their line was engaged for a good 10min. Will update if I find out about their next move. It’ll b a real shame if they decide to retire.

  2. Hwmsgh

    Oh my, it’s the best claypot chicken rice in town! Have been eating there since I was young. Lat I aloes them, they mentioned that they’d be in business til mid-end Feb’11. But I just called their number, and it’s permanently engaged!! Does this mean they’ve closed/moved Already??!!
    Please if anyone knows about them now please let me know!

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