Upgrading Hosts

Upgrading web-hosts, so may be dark for a while…

Update 1/10/2011 0210hrs:
Some of it is up. I’ve imported the content, and uploaded the photos but they are not “attached”. Looks like a failure, time to get some shuteye.

Update 1/10/2011 1249hrs:
Decided on my next step. Export the blog to WordPress.com, then re-import it to the new server – let’s see if that’ll work. Nope. Failed.

Update 6/10/2011 2102hrs:
The last couple of days were spent trying to up the memory limit on my new host, and exporting/importing the blog in parts – as suggested in some other blogs. It all failed.

My webhosts even wrote to say:

We have looked into your query and we regret to inform you that the default export/import fuction (sic) using xml in wordpress does not work well with images, it is a known issue with the automation process for images. Sorry for not being able to provide a better solution.

I hadn’t worked on this for two evenings now, so tonight I decided. Why not mess about with the database. Some trial and error… and SUCCESS!!

These are the tables I had exported from the old database; then on a new installation of WordPress on my new host, I dropped the same tables in the database. Run an import, and voila!

I’ve had this blog for years – and started off with WordPress 2.x. Some changes had to be made in the SQL – aligning the authors, and fixing some relative links, and I’m done.

Now to reinstall some of the plugins and (hopefully) back to many more years of blogging.

Oh! One interesting thing I’d learnt was that by modifying the host file in the Windows/System32/Drivers/etc folder, I didn’t have to have too much downtime while waiting for nameservers to switch over. I could also keep the namesrvers pointed to the old host while mucking around with the new one. Link here

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