2XU 2012 Compression Run

Errr… walk.

My first sanctioned event – 15km. I made it!

Met some friends at the start who were kind enough to guide me along as to what was going on. Met another group of friends at the end point for a good chat.

I didn’t feel the route was particularly good – too many U-turns. But hey the organisers need to keep it in a tight geographical area. Completed in under 2 hours, which is a great pace compared to the benchmark 7km/hr. Part of this was because there were no major waits for traffic lights and such. Also road is a better walking surface than pavement – more consistent. Lastly, I found myself having mini-races with the walk/runners and we had multiple overtaking maneuvers on each other.

Some parts the lanes narrowed to a point that made overtaking difficult – other points in the race near the Singapore Flyer was almost unbearably hot. I’m glad I brought the Camelbak Lobo with about 2 liters of water and I was able to forgo 6 of the 8 hydration points. Glad also for the cap and sunscreen, which wifey insisted I used.

Sugar thrashing from the Roctane gel I had at 8km.

I think I got the nutrition right this time. A large bowl (3 cups) of cornflakes with half a carton of milk 2 hours before – reckon about 800 calories. A banana and a bottle of Pocari (what they were dishing out) post race. Duplicated breakfast when I got home. Had a nap. Felt good. Hungry again by 5pm. Dinner!

For some reason, the Nike Free’s gave me a hot spot on my left pinky toe. I’ll monitor this.

Looking forward to the half-marathon in 3 weeks…

Oh! Woot! I got this screenshot of me in #2 of Endomondo’s Rotten Egg Awards for April. Before anyone stateside had woken ;-)

The results are out!

Not bad for a walker. Zombieeeeee.

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