Brooks PureFlow

I had to retire the Asics… as my foot grew stronger, the support of the GT2140’s gave me pain. These just arrived from Amazon.

Brooks Pureflow in white. I could only find the blue and green ones locally, so these might be a bit different.

Wore them out for lunch with the family. Plenty of firm cushioning, and not as free as the Nike Free’s (if you know what I mean). Will take them out for a first spin tomorrow.

These may be the ones I’ll do the marathon in. The freedom of the Nike Free’s may do me in past the 30km mark. I’ve experienced mild forefoot discomfort from walking the longer distances.

In the same order, I also got a magnetic clip for the Camelbak hose… so it doesn’t swing around too much. Some elastic lock laces (pictured) – I’ll try these for a bit. I also replaced my lost water bottle with a Camelbak, and bought a pair of swimming goggles. So much shopping so little time….

I pretty much have everything I need to do this…

32km this weekend – will be fun!

Edit 6 May 2012:
I’ve done a 5km run in these. Not bad; I actually feel the zero drop – but at this point can’t say whether I like it or not. Good cushioning, and an enjoyable run.

Can’t say the same for the 32km walk. Same event-style breakfast of a large bowl of cornflakes. Started strong. By 21km, started to feel hungry. The sun beat down hard on Changi Coastal Road, thank God for sunnies and the cap. I hadn’t worked out since Monday, and so the muscles were a little stiff, even after I’d warmed up. The hamstrings started to feel a little sore, then started to pull. Struggled to finish. Not good.

Had Andy pick me up from Changi Village, and we had Dory and Chips at Smith on Balmoral. After the shower, slept thru 5pm. Then out for dinner.

Now home after another shower and shave. Wearing the 2XU leggings. Just drained 2 blisters from my feet with a sterilised safety pin. Oooh feels good.

Will struggle to move about tomorrow. Let’s see how it goes.

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