Pre-Marathon jitters

This is the final tapering week leading up to the marathon. I’ve covered a little more than 700km in preparation for this. Spread over 6 months.

I’ve injured by ankle, knee and hip, gotten shin splints (all on the right side) and a rib. I’m now nursing a combination of right calf/hamstring/back of knee soreness.

Because of this I’ve been feeling a bit down in the last few weeks – sometimes questioning if I can finish the distance. The answer came to me today as I completed my last long walk of 14km. I’ve fallen for the worst trap. The training has become boring. The training plan was for 20 weeks. In my eagerness, I had extended it to 25. I have effectively over-trained.

A week from now, it’ll all be over. It should be fun – there’ll be a lot of people there and that should boost my spirits.

For now I’m just going to take it easy. I’ll have to plan my diet this week, do all my warmups and maybe some short sessions.

Testing out my final piece of kit – Gu Chomps. 8 pieces of sugar laden fuel per pack. Take a piece every 2-3km, no big time sugar rush and plenty of go for the journey.

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