Review: Axkid Kidzofix

After all that research, I purchased the Axkid Kidzofix from, because they had an option to exclude tax for non-Euro customers.

Shipping was a flat €80, and as an opening offer, they offered a free Axkid Keezone front facing booster seat (15-36 kg). Woot – 2 for 1 – snap it up!

Opening offer – that set off some alarm bells that this was a relatively new set up, but I went ahead. The order was made 4 Apr 2012….

Turns out that their regular supplier stuffed it up and the package ended up stuck in Malmö, Sweden for about 20 days. Re-contacted them, and they resent the package via UPS a week later. The package arrived 3 May 2012, all 24kg of it – in a big hunk of package.

From the amount of UPS tape on the package, I suspect that it’d been busted open somewhere along the line, and the styrofoam headrest of the Keezone was broken.

I sent an email out to them the next day. They responded to say they’d fix it – but its now been a month, and no word yet. They have however, changed the terms on their website to say that the 1 for 1 offer is only valid in Europe due to freight costs.

The Kidzofiz is now attached rear-facing via ISOFIX. The foot-prop is extended, and tether straps fastened. The seat is rigid – in all directions, unlike some of the other seats I’ve seen in the shops.

Timmy didn’t like it much at first, but seating isn’t negotiable. He adapted after 2 days or so.

We’ve used it for a month, and I can say I’m very happy with it. The car has become smaller – I can’t carry as many people and the front passenger area is quite cramped. The self adjusting harness is a great innovation and very difficult to get wrong. Installation was quite easy.

We’ll figure out the booster situation when we come to it…..

2 thoughts on “Review: Axkid Kidzofix

  1. T

    Would you order from them again? I was looking into ordering from them but am now a bit nervous since you haven’t heard back. What type of vehicle do you have the seat installed int?

    1. Ed Post author

      I got what I was after, the bonus Keezone was secondary to me. The Kidzofix is solid and unlikely to break in transit, the Keezone comes across as being flimsier.

      Now that the offer isn’t applicable to international customers, I think you’ll be fine.

      I suggest you email them if you’re nervous. Tobias responds to emails quite quickly.

      Mine is a Subaru Impreza, BTW.

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