Review: Lifeproof iPhone 4 Case

So I’d been eyeing this case for a couple of months now, and I just couldn’t bear to drop SGD120 on it. I tried to a couple of times, but always walked away empty handed. It would have come in handy during the marathon – it pissed down… but the ziplock breast milk bag I used held up just fine :-)

This was gifted to me by a buddy. I was like wow! He had bought it for himself but didn’t like it. So I bought him dinner for it.

It’s basically a tupperware for the iPhone. I would have liked it in black, but hey who cares!

Water tested and installed it tonight. Here’s some pictures I got.

Edit 22 July 2012:

OK I’ve used it for a couple of days. A few pointers.

  1. The casing doesn’t make the phone much wider or thicker. But definitely longer.
  2. No sticky rubbery bits to foul up the draw from pocket
  3. Only the power plug that comes with the iPhone works. None of the aftermarket plugs would fit. Forget also about using a dock – even with an extender.
  4. The unit comes with a screw-on adapter for earphones – which is the ONLY way earphones will plug in. If you leave that at home, then you’re screwed. Pun unintended.
  5. The sound coming from the casing is a little muted / muffled. Not awful, but noticeable.
  6. Lastly, I haven’t noticed any of the grease marks between the screen cover and the screen. Works well!

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