Test Drive: Nike Free Run+ 2

As part of my New-Year-New-Life resolution of 2012, I’d signed up for a marathon. I will walk it. I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but hey one’s gotta try.

So I’m getting some new gear. I bought a pair of Asics GT2160 a month ago and have covered a hundred KM or so…. and thought I may benefit from something flatter and lighter. Tried these at the shop today in size 12.

First impressions… the shoe has no tongue and is a snug fit. Very light, and offers almost no support at all – I can feel my arches collapsing. Obviously more cushioning than the Vibrams. I like the idea of going long distance in these, but concerned about possible fatigue and injury. I’m also not sure about the durability of the outsole.

I didn’t buy these today, but maybe I will to replace the Vibrams when they go…

I was also looking to buy some dri-fit T-shirts for training. Couldn’t find any I liked for the money I’ll pay, so I think I’ll shop at Amazon.

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