Tilley T4IS Hat

Gone bald and been hankering for a nice hat. Been looking at the Tilley for some years now, but been to cheap to splash out. Also, not too many local shops stock them, and selection used to be limited. Found a retailer that did have a good range, and dragged wifey with me to see.

I had my mind set on a narrow brimmed hat, because the Outdoor Research Helios Sun Hat I have, while great for shielding me from sun, doesn’t do too well in the wind. I was thinking a TWP2 Sou’Wester – wifey disapproved. She did like the T4IS, which I thought I could grow to like – and bought. She said a guy with my frame looked weird in a narrow brimmed hat.

Out-of-focus shot wifey took of some time spent on the farm.

Also considered a boonie hat from some of the specialty makers out there. Slangvel is a disabled US veteran who makes them – his stuff on eBay. Another is Stubby Boonie. But I am not really going for the military look.

I think the Tilley is a pretty good look! And hopefully the last hat I ever buy.

IS stands for insect shield, and is supposed to keep the bugs off…

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