TWIB – This week in Brief – Week 2 2012

I’m back! Sometimes I have a long-winded diatribe on a particular subject. And, I’m usually long-winded once a week – but not this week, so I’m starting a This Week in Brief, or TWIB featuring stuff that just doesn’t deserve its own post. It may be once in a while, or not… It’s week 2 of 2012 per Epoch Converter

Discovered the RSA Animated series on Youtube.

At work:
So-and-so is chairing this effort.
Is that why it took 4 years?

The car has been washed and DIY polished ahead of the Lunar New Year… took 3 hours. Let’s hope the weather holds out for the next week!

Over Skype:
Colleague: Dearest Ed
Me: holy shit sandbag.
(she wanted me to drive out for lunch)

Over SKype:
Me: i suggest you pad it a little more.
Colleague: Ok, can. Understood, never kow what we are getting into . . .
Me: thanks bud. sorry to make you make changes to your quotes all the time.
Colleague: No, better safe than sorry . . . I see best plans fall apart when (other) team takes over, butter to cover it well.
Me: i just saw the freudian slip there – reference to lubricant!!!

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