TWIB – Week 12 of 2012

Over Skype:
Me: come back to us mountain man!
Ex-Colleague: i like nature
Me: i will donate a plant for your desk
Ex-Colleague: haha

The War against Spam:
While MICA’s Data Protection Bill with a National Do Not Call / Do not SMS registry is still in the works, IDA’s Spam Control Act still stands. Received another of these “I wanna sell you property” SMS’es after I’d previously unsub’ed to the same.

Tracked the company down and spoke to the marketing manager. You haven’t honoured my request. You will never get business from me. You don’t need to know my name. I will sue the next time I hear from you. *end rant*

The Killing Fields Paper
Had a cup of coffee at a old-school coffeeshop while waiting for an appointment, and got this pic. Haven’t seen fly-paper in some time.

Fender Bender
So one wet evening I was driving to the gym. And this Jetta bumps into me. His fender is bent. Beyond some scratches on the rear passenger door, I couldn’t find any damage on mine. My car is already all scratched up – and I wasn’t willing to lose use of the car for a day to get just the door repainted. So here I am building some road-karma.

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