TWIB – Week 28 of 2012

Upgraded WP, then lost my header images. Backups of the images, but no backup of the edits. Been busy so haven’t updated in a month. Just got my ass in gear and re-did it. We’re up again, yippee!

Just marked a month since I had Intralase Wavefront Lasik. Finished with the final post surgery check. All’s good. Eyes still a little dry – I have drops and gels for that. Night halos getting less now.

Been a week since I adopted David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) system. Zero Inbox. Feeling good about this.

Been poisoned by IS to shoot and edit in RAW. So picking up Adobe Lightroom.

Other things on the boil – a stubby hat, some more reviews.

Wow, so many personal projects (not to mention the ones at work)….

Hang in there!

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