TWIB – Week 40 of 2012

Q4 just started…

Was talking to a recent poly graduate, he mentioned that there’s a lot of “problem based learning” going on these days, as opposed to teaching and lectures, that he didn’t feel like he was learning anything. Mind you I attended a polytechnic before it was cool to go to one – I did out of necessity (bad grades!) I think problem based learning was good, that he just needed to close the loop. Problem based learning without a closed loop is just jumping from one problem to another set of problems. If a critique or an internal review was done, then notes can be taken on what went wrong, how to handle that in the future, and what could have been done better.

To the guy coming up the slope who had plenty of time to slow down and let me pass – instead of coming right up to me, and forcing me to reverse. You are an asshole. I realised the next morning coming up the same slope that at least I have consideration of oncoming vehicles even when I have right of way. So in summary, I couldn’t be as much of an asshole as you even when I try.

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