Foodie Adventures in Thailand

Prompted by an article that talked about connections made while on travels, I thought I should share this little anecdote from June of 2007.

This is one of my favourite street foods in Bangkok, Thailand.


Its braised pork served with rice, half a boiled egg and a side of stewed salted vegetables.

Whether for work or play, I try at least to learn how to say hullo and thank you in the local language. I walked thru a market, saw a stall selling this, said hullo to the owner and gestured/pointed my way thru the order. She was happy to help, gave me my plate of rice, and took my money. Even gave me change.

I plonked myself down on a nearby table beside a local guy also eating the same thing. I am usually not one to experiment with the condiments on the table, but this guy was taking what seemed to be a raw garlic from the condiment bowl, and eating that with a spoonful of rice. He then took an extremely tiny chilli from another bowl and did the same.

Hey, while in Rome right??

I took a garlic from the bowl and tried it with some of my food. It was delicious! The stall owner stood up from her stool and seemed to be having a semi-heated discussion with another neighbouring stall.

I picked up a chilli and did the same. It was good! Spicy, but extremely tasty. The stall owner ran over to me and started saying something. I looked at her blankly as she realised I couldn’t understand a word.

She made a gesture of holding a cup and drinking from it. By this time there were several vendors coming up to me, some holding canned drinks to extinguish the fire that wasn’t there.

I laughed and gestured that I didn’t need a drink. I pointed to my food, then to the condiment bowl and gave the lady the largest grin I could muster and 2 thumbs up.

As everyone dispersed relieved that a chilli wasn’t going to stop the foreigner’s heart, there were smiles all around for the rest of the time I was there.

When stood to leave, I wai‘d my thanks to the lady and received one in return together with a huge smile.

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