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Dreams of Pocket

A little more than 4 years since Pocket passed away. I thought I’d recount this little story from 2003.

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I was napping comfortably on the couch at home. I was dreaming; a friend and I were walking along a quiet street having some conversation. Suddenly, loud automatic gunfire rang out. It sounded like it was from a GPMG, or a M60. Slow lazy automatic gunfire, not like from an M-16, and fired in short bursts. A couple of rounds hit me. I could feel the impacts on my chest as I fell to the ground and onto my back.

Surprisingly I had survived. I turned my head to find my friend was hit too. He was on the ground, motionless. I checked my chest, I could see the holes in my shirt, but no blood. My chest was heavy. I couldn’t remember putting on a vest. Why would I be wearing a vest? We were just out for a walk!

I got up to a seating position, and tried to see where the shots were coming from. As far as I could tell, it was from a dark alleyway in the distance. More gunfire rang out, and I was hit again. As I fell back to the ground, I started awake to find little Pocket walking around on my chest, trying to find a comfy place to lie down.

She got a smack on the rump for her efforts and scampered off to find someone less grumpy to hang out with.

As I spent the next 3 minutes on the couch sweeping the cobwebs from my groggy mind and slowly realising what had happened, I laughed to myself and called her back for a great big hug.

Some pictures I’d forgotten I had….

Mission Stray Pup: Complete

Seven days, seven puppies. By the power of Facebook, all the pups have found good homes.

The pups have grown in the past week – 2 whole packs of puppy food. They’ve opened up a little too. Here’s a pic of Brownie smiling in his shipping box on the way to his new home.

Ginger was first to JK.
LO committed to, and backed out on Brownie.
Snowy to a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend and will go live in JB in a big house
Latte (renamed Cheezel) to LB
Knickers to Angel & Indra
Bikini to Sumesh
Zara (renamed Zarah) to C & W
Esther committed to, and backed out on Brownie.
Brownie to Mr Teo, brother in law of a friend of LB

Brownie’s new home is NICE! A big yard to run about in. A silky terrier friend and Snowy for a week more before he ships out.

I was quite worried that some of them would be left on the shelf. But 7 pups in 7 days is a great result! We will do miss them. At least, we do get to see some of them occasionally.

And once again, my balcony is poop-free!

Stray Dogs no more!

I told wifey about the dogs who told C & W. They made the trip to rescue them from under the carpark ramp. Brought them in boxes to our place, gave them a shower and generally fussed over them.

Their mugs now on facebook and awaiting adoption.

Stray Puppies

While walking around a work site a couple of days ago, I found a small litter of puppies hiding under a carpark ramp. Someone must have left them there. Mongrels of some kind, cute as heck as puppies, but they’ll grow up big.

As I approached the group, the cream colored one came right up and sniffed at my shoes. Then all his siblings came out to say hullo. They wanted to follow me as I left, but I couldn’t have that…

Have been looking to see if anyone wants to adopt. Once they get to SPCA and nobody wants them, they’ll probably be put down. Shame we can’t keep at least one though. I like the cream one. Would have called him Ginger.

What’s bloody happened to responsible pet ownership?? I hope they’ll turn out OK.

Furby: The lost Shihtzu

So I had a couple of drinks last night and after that had to pee. Every place was closed, so I crossed the street to the petrol kiosk to do it… Having done the deed, I was headed back to the car when I stumbled upon this dazed looking shihtzu on the pavement.

At some point, it wandered onto the street and I had to step in front of it to prevent a car from running her over. I picked her up and asked a few people if she was theirs. Negative.

Crossed back to where the car was parked and put her down on the walkway, and after about 30 minutes of hanging about, brought her home.

Wifey and I gave her a towel in the balconey to sleep on, some papers to read pee on,  and some water. I also managed some frothed warm milk from the Aerocino :-D

Took this pic in the morning.


During luch, i drove about where I found her and found this stapled to a tree…


So I called and returned the dog (her name is Furby) to M and his sobbing lady friend. Apparently, they had closed shop for the evening and each thinking the dog was with the other, drove off. M’s friend went on and on about how anxious she was and how afraid some construction worker would have taken Furby and cooked her for dinner! LOL

Well, all’s good now.

I miss the old dogs, Pocket and Vegas. So I’ve had Vegas’ old blog resurrected and hosted here in a new category ;-)

From January 2005…


Possibly the MOST adorable mini schnauzer around. We have him for a week trial before we decide to keep him or not…