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Quitting Exercise – For the year

Signing off on my walks – for the rest of the year…. The next couple of weeks will be all travel and (because of Christmas) food.

So here’s a summary. I started in late May, and in just about 6 months…
Total Workout Days: 68
Total Distance: 413.38 km
Total Burned: 26,290
Weight Lost: 3kg

Pathetic isn’t it? My friends say I’m losing fat and gaining muscle. I don’t see any *new* muscle anywhere! On the other hand, my pants aren’t so snug, my posture has improved and my resting heart rate has dropped 6 beats per minute.

So on I plod, and as the new year approaches, my resolution is 1000km in 2010.

Retiring my old Asics. Out with the Foundations, and in with a pair of GT2140’s. As a tribute to the old pair, which has served me faithfully since I got them…

Foundation Retirement

ASICS Gel Cumulus II

Got wifey a pair of these today. Hope she’ll make good use of ’em. I’ve read that exercise helps prevent Osteoporosis….


Mine, in the meantime are looking fairly tired…. These are Asics TN536 Gel Foundation VI, in 2E width.

I’ve placed an order for my Five Finger KSO’s, yippee! I’ll prolly wear them out and about and for walks. We’ll see about a pair of ASICS Foundations or Evolutions nearer to Christmas… hehehe