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Green School, Bali Indonesia

We were lucky enough to be invited as guests to view the Green School campus while in Bali. You can get the posh pictures from the website, but here are some of mine…

*Almost* everything is made of bamboo and sustainable materials…

Relief cutting (is this the proper term?) and pins to hold everything together. Notice the quality of the roof thatching. Good for 10-15 years, I should think…

I am told that bamboo and this construction method is traditionally Balinese, but the architecture isn’t. Looks amazing.

Cool on the inside too, given the high ceilings…

On to the technology… Pee and Poo management. All in-house. If I remember correctly, pee goes to watering plants, poo to the compost heap.

Water vortex power plant, under construction

Reverse osmosis of water from an underground river feeds all their needs.

Sports hall. Wait a minute, no thatched roof here. In all fairness, this was built in 3 weeks. I wonder what the cow does… We saw a bigger one under a shelter. They call him bu-le (Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigner) because he’s got blonde hairs…

Celebrities galor. Guess who was here? ;-)

Thanks again to Niki and Risa who showed us around.