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Quitting Exercise – For the year

Signing off on my walks – for the rest of the year…. The next couple of weeks will be all travel and (because of Christmas) food.

So here’s a summary. I started in late May, and in just about 6 months…
Total Workout Days: 68
Total Distance: 413.38 km
Total Burned: 26,290
Weight Lost: 3kg

Pathetic isn’t it? My friends say I’m losing fat and gaining muscle. I don’t see any *new* muscle anywhere! On the other hand, my pants aren’t so snug, my posture has improved and my resting heart rate has dropped 6 beats per minute.

So on I plod, and as the new year approaches, my resolution is 1000km in 2010.

Retiring my old Asics. Out with the Foundations, and in with a pair of GT2140’s. As a tribute to the old pair, which has served me faithfully since I got them…

Foundation Retirement

Wii Fit Plus Roadshow @ Plaza Singapura

Came across Wii’s newest product at their roadshow – the Wii Fit Plus. A board you stand on that’s connected to the Nintendo Wii.

Amazing little thing. The board is loaded with loadcells and the like. It’ll tell your weight (duh), how much you are leaning to the side or front. Give it some additional information like your gender, age and height, it’ll tell your BMI and even calculate how many calories you burn while playing it. It can also make you do some balance test, and tell your “Wii Fit Age”, which is how old the machine thinks you are based on your performance.

A giant man pretending to be a giant flying chicken

A giant man pretending to be a giant flying chicken

And from the picture above, the device can detect the subtle diffferences in weight, balance and pressure and let you pretend you’re giant flying chicken! Think about it, this isn’t rocket science. Every single bit of technology in it has been available for years – and now Nintendo has gone and commercialised it and built an amazing HMI around it.

There are other games too, like Yoga, step aerobics, virtual Segway to name a few..

Interesting. I played with the Wii when it was first launched and had the same feeling. Existing technology built around the consumer. I wasn’t so impressed with the user interface back then but it’s apparent things have come a long way.

2 weeks in the Vibram KSO’s

First off, shouts out to Tellman of www.howtorunbarefoot.com and Tim of www.barfootrunner.net. These were some of the guys I stumbled upon while researching my Vibram purchase.

It’s been 2 weeks since the KSO’s arrived, and I’ve covered just over 20km in them. Every bone, joint, tendon and muscle below my knees are going nuts. It hurts! And I’ve only been walking! Well, ok. I jogged (not run) 1km in them to test them out – 2 days ago. Owww.

Walking still has me landing on my heels. That jars. Landing on the ball of the foot while jogging and enjoying the “springiness” of each step also rewards you with your calves refusing to coorperate the next day.

Yes, I’m whining. Yes, Tim and Tellman are runners. And yes, they’re seasoned barefoot runners. But you’ve got to learn from the best. And given that us humans probably weren’t designed to pound pavement only gives me more respect for them.

And onward I push. Short walks and jogs only. And out and about town. I promise.

The Vibrams arrive, and the maiden walk!

Uber-wootness, they’ve arrived! And only 2 weeks after I’d ordered them. Because Vibram wouldn’t ship overseas, I had to go thru a forwarding service…

They fit good! Measuring your feet as per the fitting guide really helped; except that I put a piece of A4 and my foot up against the wall, and had wifey draw the profile of my toes. Unless you’re using a measuring tape, chances are that your ruler’s zero isn’t at the edge of it. Size 45 Vibram FiveFinger KSO’s and size 46 Injini crew socks. All black. Here’s me wearing ’em and lazing about the house, getting used to them.


And off we went, wifey wearing her new Asics in tow. She thinks I look like an ape. hehehe. 6kms total, out for dinner and back home.

The first couple of klicks were a joy, feeling the texture of the ground beneath, and bouncing along cuz they were so light. And the grip is phenomenal! I still walk with a heel strike, albeit a light one. As the distance wore on, I could feel myself spreading my toes out and using them to push off. Tried a bit of jogging and sprinting. For that, you’d have to land on the ball of your feet.

Everytime I stepped on something new, it was something new! Different types of tiling, a root, a road stud, a crack in the road. Most of the way was on hard surfaces. Grass was the best to walk on. I guess we weren’t exactly built to pound barefoot on a concrete path, or on a road.

Klicks 5 and 6 were a bit of a pain. The ball of my feet started to get sore. Long unused muscles cried out at the abuse. The KSO’s were warm, but not any warmer than with running shoes on; it’s just that you notice because you’re not getting any support or cushioning from them. And I’m not sure if I was imagining it, but I felt the shoes get a tad tighter.

When it was finally over, I did some stretches both with the KSO’s on and without. For some reason, my toes had gained some flexibility, arching forward and extending back. Felt good too!

I guess I’ll just have to build on the distances… The Vibrams will serve for shorter 4-6km walks, and for weekends out and about. The battered old Asics won’t retire just yet… I need them for the distances…

ASICS Gel Cumulus II

Got wifey a pair of these today. Hope she’ll make good use of ’em. I’ve read that exercise helps prevent Osteoporosis….


Mine, in the meantime are looking fairly tired…. These are Asics TN536 Gel Foundation VI, in 2E width.

I’ve placed an order for my Five Finger KSO’s, yippee! I’ll prolly wear them out and about and for walks. We’ll see about a pair of ASICS Foundations or Evolutions nearer to Christmas… hehehe