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Ris’ mom works at the airport!

On the way to the airport this morning, reading the Saturday paper in the MRT. This column writer.. Stanley/Eugene? What’s his name… laying claim to all manner of awards including the Nobel Prize, taking potshots at Ris. That’s boomz and all, but maybe SPH should take a poll and find out sarcasm is lost on how many percent of the population. I wanted to enjoy the article, but I couldn’t help but wonder…

So I think I spotted heard Ris’ mom working at the airport, saying yes, no problem, they had “freshlie squee oleng joo”

Not to slam the service staff. Customers are just as bad. “You give me 2 coffee, 1 kaya toast…” Fuck off! “May I have” and “please” please. If I had been the guy at the counter, I’d tell her I can’t “give” her ANYTHING. But then again, I’d get fired.

OK. Blood pressure heading up. The point of this trip is to relax. Bali!

Pictures coming up..