Spoke with Princess yesterday about Vegas going to his new (and hopefully final) owner’s house. Let’s call him J.

J lives with a big (bigger than mine) family who loves dogs, and more importantly – there’s almost always someone at home. yay!

If you can see Vegas now lying right outside my door just looking absolutely bored, you’d know why it’s so important to have people around…

Princess wants to go survey J’s apartment, and to avoid totally confusing Vegas, to have J come collect him from me directly. Princess if you’re reading, let’s get this done soon… I’m running out of food for him. Yes – the baggie you gave me lasted till today.

Last couple of days have been routine. Wifey and I took turns to bring the dog out… he seems to have a lot of fun with her around :-) She tells me that he actually chases cats and birds. So… not such a wuss after all huh? So last night during our walk, I set him up and we actually drove 2 cats up trees, mewing for their lives *ebil grin*

The Professional got rear-ended (no one hurt thankfully) and will be a bit delayed on the pix… I think the wait’d be worth it. Stay tuned…