Seymour: I don’t know. I don’t know. I have so, so many strong reservations*

Let’s be really really objective and weigh the pros and cons…


Vegas is lovely. Happy to see you when you come home. Intelligent, charming, eager to please and just soo much fun…


…when we actually have the time for him. What is he gonna do in the meantime?

Mr. R said that having Vegas (or any other dog) would mean some real lifestyle changes. And I agree.

What if we:

1. wanted to go out late?

2. want to sleep in on weekends?

3. want to go for a holiday?

4. have guests?

5. have to travel for work

Would I want to walk him day and night? Sure. At his or my terms? Mine, preferably. Will he mess up the house? Yeah sure he’s already done it.

And what am I gonna to do to prevent that? Lock him up? He already treats the bathroom as a “place of punishment”. Paper train? Sounds like a good idea. See link here

It’s like having a kid, they say. Yeah sure! Maybe when we had a kid I’d want a dog! …since it’d mean lifestyle changes anyway…

Look I know I sound selfish. Commitment-phobic. And yes I’d admit that. But don’t you think Vegas belongs to a family that’s got more time for him? Much more than us?

So 2 major considerations – Whether we decide to take out as much time as possible to have some quality time with him, and whether we can successfully paper train him.

You know, sitting on the fence can be such painful business. My bum is starting to hurt, I’m going to bed.

*Little Shop of Horrors